Forex Catapult pro is a service that allows investors to attach their trading accounts with that of the creators of forex catapult, receiving the daily trades they make. This is achieved by extremely fast and accurate software that runs through MT4. Created by Casey Stubbs, a successful forex trader himself, will issue to all registered forex catapult pro user a VPS from Winner's Edge Trading with the copying software already installed. The trader only needs to login to their personal account on the VPS anytime they wish to do so in order to begin receiving the trades from Casey's account.

Signal Service containing the trades from Casey Stubb's live account. Strategies used may vary but are mostly swing strategies. Signal copying is done via MAM at ILQ.

What Casey and his System do is simple. He uses good old fashioned technical analysis to find precise trading points and put a lot of work into finding the correct entry points and tight stop loss that delivers great results for him and his clients.

The great thing about signals from Forex Catapult is that they are suitable for novice traders, professional traders, bankers and investors alike.

By using Casey’s signal service you can just sit back and relax! (or use your precious time to do something fun)

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