Complete Currency Trader offers the ultimate way for forex traders of all experience levels to excel as currency speculators, trade like the pro's, and secure maximum profits from the market. You'll discover how to advance your abilities and become one of the top percentile of elite traders who can make money consistently and reliably. If you want to get the edge you need to have the results you dream of and finally join that small exclusive group of forex winners, then Complete Currency Trader is the place for you. 

Complete Currency Trader is very proud to be able to offer an elite high level coaching program to professional traders and institutions. This rare and exclusive opportunity is personally facilitated by renowned currency trading expert and private fund manager, James Edward. In this intimate closed door training, James Edward delivers intense forex coaching focused exclusively on YOUR preferred objectives. Every element of the session is results orientated, with the sole objective of generating improvements to your trading, where you need them most, in record time.

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This is bespoke training, designed to help professional traders fine tune their skills, increase their profitability, and raise their game to the top tier within this industry. Access to this level of coaching is naturally restricted, and openings in Mr Edward's schedule are limited to only a few sessions each year. All applications are reviewed manually, and successful applicants are hand picked for final acceptance personally by Mr Edward. Complete Currency Trader is a very exclusive program intended for those serious about building real Forex trading businesses. In recent months we've made the decision to back away from reviewing Forex training systems and software on our website because there's so much garbage out their right now being billed as 'the next big thing'.

However, as discussed in our review, Edward's program is the complete antithesis of the slickly marketed EAs and other push button Forex trading packages we have been inundated with of late. Instead of simply delivering a shallow 'system' for Forex trading, Edward goes deep into explaining the micro-mechanics of how the Forex market really operates, and how to properly leverage this knowledge. This understanding alone gives traders an invaluable edge over the vast majority of aspiring traders who just don't understand the market at a fundamental level.

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Complete Currency Trader is a desktop trading software developed by the hedge fund trader James Edward. The Complete Currency Trader software dashboard is a proprietary piece of software commissioned for my own personal trading business at a cost in excess of multiple 5 figures, and provides one of the only truly advantageous and statistically viable edges available in forex. This is not available anywhere else.


The software observes the 8 major currencies, measuring all price changes, pip gains, and ticks registered, to paint a clear and definitive picture of precisely how each individual currency is accomplishing in relation to any and all of the others. The resulting read out not only shows the exact state of each currency, but also ranks them against one another, and even lists the most favorable pairings which have the best potential for providing a profitable opportunity. This complete trading oftware literally reveals the most valuable information which is hidden from other market participants. You need to put in some time in the software and get used before start trading.

I hate using the term "insider" because it's so clichéd and over used, but honestly......I can't think of a more suitable way to describe this guy. He's in a whole different league.

Here's what he's teaching in his live trader training presentation on Tuesday:

His own trading system, including entries, exits, and open trade management.
The real edge the top percentile of pro traders exploit in forex.
How to identify individual currency strengths and weaknesses (so you can trade the very best trending pairs)
The secret behind intra-day trends.
How to identify which direction price is statistically more likely to move at any given time.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Complete Currency Trader course includes several comprehensive modules dedicated to enhancing a traders market knowledge to the level held by professional traders. This covers everything from the history of foreign exchange; the structure of the market; the difference between brokers & dealers; the various participants and why & how they trade; liquidity; volatility; microstructure; order flow; price movements; mechanics; technical analysis; risk mitigation; reward maximization; probabilities; and even how to develop and run a serious forex trading business. 

With the information that the complete currency trader offers, traders will be at a significant advantage and able to confidently participate alongside other seasoned professionals. The education provided in this course is the starting point which lays the foundation for genuine long term success.


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- In-depth Forex market education & training

- Proprietary high specification market analysis software

- Professional hedge fund speculative trading system

- Multiple Forex tools & calculators

- Trading videos - one week course of real market action

- Trader training

- 6 phase progressive enhancement course

- In-depth Forex market education & training

Here's the information I've found out about James Edward. I've been to his website and I've just watched his first training video.......what can I say? I've got about 4 light bulbs over my head (lol), had multiple "aha" moments, and am just amazed that someone is teaching all this stuff. It was an eye opener to say the least! And get this; he's genuinely not pitching anything in the video. It was just pure up front education. A must see for anyone who wants to get ahead in trading.

On top of that, I got an invite to a live trader training presentation that he's running next week, and after what I just watched I honestly can't wait for that. I highly recommend you visit his site and take a look for yourself.

This guy has got some serious knowledge, he's a great trader, a great teacher, and he's refreshingly honest. I'm not easily impressed by the forex industry, but this trader has got my attention.

I won't waste any more of your time now. Get yourself over to his site and you'll understand why I'm raving about this. You will be impressed!

Complete Currency Trader Review by James Edward. Forex Trading Software Download

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