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    Toms EA MyFXBook software results plus TomsEA Review. Tom Flora, Popular Profitable Fund Manager and FOREX Brokerage CEO has agreed to bring to light the truth about his quest for financial independence by trading with FX ‘robots’, how that quest led to an important, yet vital insight that led to vast profits for him and his clients ever since…

    Tom is a savvy trader who bought into the promise of using technology to help him identify potential market direction. He invested his own time and money into developing software that would actually work. He has a busy life and Tom is no marketer, he had no intention of selling this software – it was his private secret weapon.

    The only reason you are now hearing about Tom’s software is because Tom recently bumped into Dustin Pass of Forex Traders Daily and revealed his special project....

    Unlike most robots, which were created to extract as much money from traders as possible) Tom’s robot software (which we lovingly call ‘Tom’s EA’ was created to extract as much money from the FOREX markets as possible on behalf of anyone who uses it. Until now, Tom has never made this software available. Fortunately, Dustin Pass and Tom have teamed up, and Tom has agreed to make his software available to traders around the world for a limited period of time.

    Have you ever wondered why people don’t give away their trading software for you to try at no cost, if it’s as good as they say it is? Why don’t they put their software where their mouth is? Well good news: Tom Flora and Dustin Pass are giving away a trial ‘Tom’s EA’ robot for a limited time at this link and no opt-in is required:

    Tom's EA Software FREE Download

    There is one little catch though: they prefer you to run it on a demo account. Yes, it will work on a live account, but people do crazy things when it comes to money, and they want you to set it up and then keep your hands off it –just let the software run, and you watch its behavior, and see its results…

    The nice thing is that the trading behavior of this robot is such that it runs exactly the same way on live accounts. Nothing will alert a broker to block it or effect the  results in any way, and… ‘Tom’s EA’ has an amazing way of turning around losing trades and making them

    It likes to open a really small micro lot trades, but they close A LOT of them quickly as winning trades to lock up the profit, so there’s no reason to mess with it - really!  Put the software to the test, prove to yourself if it works or if it’s a flop.

    This is a very limited time offer though, so download your copy today. There’s an install video on the page, so watch it first, ok? If you don’t already have Metatrader 4 to install it to, no worries - you’ll find a link for that too on the software download page.

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