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    The Gold and Oil Guy newsletter by Chris Vermeulen is a supreme ETF and Stock Trading Alert Service decorated with daily pre-market videos, intraday chart analysis, and my low risk ETF trade signals. The strategy is exceptional, because it provides low risk entry points through the use of crowd psychology, volume analysis, market sentiment, volatility chart patterns, eliminating most of the downside risk before taking a position. The Gold and Oil Guy offers the perfect ETF swing trading service for traders who want a low risk yet highly lucrative ETF trading strategy. Trade Indexes, Sectors, Commodity funds in both bull and bear market conditions. When these diverse investments are used in conjunction with technical analysis and a proven ETF trading strategy, trades become very CLEAR and SIMPLE to execute.

    This is a comprehensive “look over traders shoulder” recommendation service, meaning you get to know the trades at the time of trading. While placing such trades, I also walk subscribers through the complete process from entry, to the concluding exit, keeping things as simple as possible for even the most novice traders. If you have a question, no problem – send an email and Chris will quickly address any of your trading questions.

    The Gold and Oil Guy trading model has averaged an annual return on investment of 36% for the past 4 years. This performance is based on gold trading signals using the GLD gold ETF. The use of ETF allows traders to scale in and out of trades with up to 100% of their trading capital working during trading signals.

    The free newsletters comes 1-3 times per week and have right up to date info on where the major markets are going and links to his daily and weekly briefing videos that explain all about the method of his analysis and how it works to generate high percentage low risk profitable trades. Chris regularly trades at a 90% winning trade level putting him at the top of the profession. What’s unique about what he is doing is that he shares the full basis of each trade signal with you, so that over time you can learn to use the method on your own.

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    Why should an investor invest in Gold ETF

    • Gold provides diversification to the portfolio
    • Gold is considered as a Global Asset Class
    • Gold is used as a Hedge against Inflation
    • Gold is considered to be less volatile compared to equities
    • Held in Electronic Form
    • Store of value
    • Extremely Liquid

    Advantages of Investing in Gold ETFs

    • Potentially cheaper to have price exposure to gold price as compared to other available avenues
    • Quick and convenient dealing through demat account
    • No storage and security issue for investors
    • Transparent pricing
    • Taxation of Mutual Fund
    • Can be traded on stock exchange like buying / selling a stock
    • Ideal for retail investor as minimum lot size to trade is one unit on secondary market
    • NAV of a unit will track price of approximately ½ or 1 gram of gold

    The Gold and Oil Guy newsletter by Chris Vermeulen is a supreme ETF and Stock Trading Alert Service

    The Gold and Oil Guy Review, ETF, Stock Trading Alert Service