PipJet Forex EA - beyond any trader's expectations

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    Pip Jet Forex Trading Robot Download. PipJet from The Forex Megadroid Developer Team. Pip Jet is an EA that has been in development for over 2 years now.

    Its performance is probably amoungst best you have seen on the marketplace and is supported by 5 (FIVE!) real-money, live account statements.

    The beauty of its performance proof is that, unlike other robots out there, PipJet has been trading for almost TWO years with only 3 losing trades and a VERY low drawdown.

    In fact, one of our accounts will show the robot trading $1,000 into close to $ 40,000 since August 2010!

    But, strange as it may seem to you now (and we will keep it as a surprise for the time being), the HUGE performance of the robot is NOT its #1 highlight. Yes, strange, but you will soon understand what we mean.

    It's been over 3 years since  launched our first FX robot, Forex Megadroid.

    The robot has been purchased by over 44,000 traders around the globe since then and STILL continues to be the #1 solution for automated FX trading.

    Many people have asked us WHY we waited so long to bring the industry a new robot.

    The answer is quite simple: because we care about our BRAND, so bringing a new robot to the market means NEVER sacrificing quality and profitability.

    We have worked very hard to maintain the quality of what we do and what we deliver...

    ...and that means that if we can't find a strategy that would be resilient, profitable and consistent enough... something that would be BEYOND any trader’s expectations, then there is no point introducing a new robot to the marketplace.

    In early 2010 we managed to find a “weird” occurrence in a certain currency pair that aroused a lot of curiosity (the term “a lot” is actually an understatement!).

    That curiosity lead to extensive research... and that extensive research led to a discovery that stopped us cold in our tracks!

    This discovery was so big that, for the very first time since launching our first robot, we felt that we had something to contribute to the FX industry – something that would truly raise the standard.

    The PipJet robot was developed around every aspect of this discovery and, soon, we will be sharing it with the FX community.

    In fact, we will soon be revealing IN FULL what this huge finding is (yes, every detail will be exposed)! Traders will be able to put this new “gold-rush” type of opportunity to work for them regardless of whether they become PipJet owners.


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