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    Over the past 12 years, Bill students’ #1 request from him has been for an options program. That’s why I am really excited by this new program, which is all about creating “instant income” using weekly options...What Bill shared with me regarding his new options program was just astonishing:

    “Creating Instant Options Income was a totally new experience for us and features:

    - Our first high-end advisory service (not another trading course, but simple “copy and paste” weekly option recommendations delivered in video format)…

    So long story short – this is like NOTHING that we’ve done before… It is a simple technique that almost anyone can use to potentially:

    * Earn up to 2% every 7 days, or the equivalent of 104% every year.

    It all has to do with a special 2-part trade that automatically creates "instant income" that's deposited into your trading account every time you place the trade.

    I think you'll be surprised.

    Watch his first recorded video here.

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