Forex Target Trading Software, Live Trading Room Signals

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    Forex Target Trading is fundamentally different from the vast majority of trading styles that are taught to the novice market today.  The average retail trader is taught to "scalp" a measly 5-8 pips and be happy that they are a winner.  Reality is that very few people can actually be profitable over the long haul with this methodology. The vast majority of these traders will "crash and burn".  This is because the deck is so stacked against you with this methodology.  Forex Target Trading is actually very simple but the discipline to hold on to the rules is a must, and the skill to find the targets and trade based on price action vs. a simple trade setup is the actual learning curve.

    Be realistic — you can’t learn to be successful in the highest paid position in the world without education, time and investment. Forex Traders has developed a 2 month -1 year + mentoring program to guide you through the process.

    Over the years,  I and Scott have noticed that traders who bounce from system to system FAIL!.  Those who find a forex trading system, learn it’s rules, persevere through the learning curve; end up on the happy side of trading.  Those who don’t, bounce and bounce until they ultimately blow up their accounts.

    However, since a colleague recommended the Forex Target Trading approach at Scott Berkley’s Traders mentoring program, it was like having the binoculars taken away and seeing the whole big picture in real time, real live trading situation. And instead of selling you a do-it-all system and drilling into you the instructions to make it work (and then disappearing), Scott makes it very clear that there are no short cuts and to trade forex successfully it takes knowledge which has to be learned and understood, combined with experience which has to be gained through practice, practice and more practice, which with my engineering background makes perfect sense to me (provided you understand the knowledge).

    Forex Target Trading VIP Access

    So, we created a program with our partner Forex Target Trading Software designed to get traders to quit bouncing and get these Forex Target Trading skills they need.

    The Target Trading program consists of the following:

        * An intensive 3 night webinar with Scott to learn the skills of Forex Target Trading
        * Weekly Endeavor and Advanced hands on training workshops
        * Life time access to the tutorials etc. through a member only portal
        * The FX Target Trading Info Center with one click access to everything you need
        * FX Target Trading Pattern recognition software
        * Private Market Analysis training before every NY session each day
        * Once a month LIVE advanced ASIAN  trade session
        * Trader evaluation on entry ( if desired)
        * Live room Monthly access fee waived ( $1200 value alone)*
        * One on one as needed.