Forex Profit Accelerator Software, Forex Trade Alert Software

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    The Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert Software is a brand new product from Bill Poulos that provides you with 4 profitable trading systems, as well as trade alert software that alerts you to the very latest set-ups for each of these trading strategies.

    (The Forex Profit Accelerator software is now live, and you can now buy this software and the accompanying trading systems (or simply find out more information) by clicking here).

    It is based on the original Forex Profit Accelerator course, but it now includes this advanced software as well. This will make your life a lot easier because you no longer have to scan through the charts of the major currency pairs looking for possible set-ups for whichever system(s) you are using. You simply open up the software and check out the latest set-ups in real time as they happen.

    The Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert Software has just gone on sale, but before you commit yourself, you will probably want to know about the 4 trading systems that the software is based on. So let me give you a little more information.

    They are all based on the daily charts and they look for profits of between 40 and 500 points. Some of these trades may last just a day or two whilst others may last for several weeks.

    Trading Strategy 1 - Instant Pips Method

    This trading strategy looks for quick price moves in the same direction as the current trend, and generally aims to make a profit of between 40 and 100 pips per trade. The average trade is generally open for around one or two days before the profit target has been reached.

    Trading Strategy 2 - Pip Maximizer 1 Method

    This is an end of day swing trading strategy that looks to bank profits of between 300 and 500 points on average. The duration of each trade is generally between one and three weeks on average.

    Trading Strategy 3 - Pip Maximizer 2 Method

    This strategy models itself on the previous one except that this one uses different entry criteria. It gets you into a trade in the same direction as the current long term trend, and increases the chances of you capturing a really big move.

    Trading Strategy 4 - Pip Reversal Method

    This strategy looks for reversal trades on the daily charts and it is based on divergence patterns, which are generally very high probability trades. This one looks to generate profits of between 100 and 300 points on average.

    All of these trading systems are very easy to learn, and they are now even easier to actually trade thanks to the trade alert software. You may decide to use just one of these systems and use the software to alert you to the very best set-ups, or you could use all 4 systems if you prefer. Either way you should be able to find plenty of excellent trading opportunities with the help of this advanced software.

    As I say, this software has just gone on sale and is sure to sell out quickly. So if you want to find out more about the Forex Profit Accelerator trade alert software (or are ready to buy the product), I suggest you visit the official Forex Profit Accelerator website as soon as possible.

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