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    4Xlounge is much more than just a "Forex Trade Signal Provider". 4Xlounge is a complete solution for Forex Traders of all levels including beginner. It provides all the training, tools and support needed to improve and refine your trading. It's true that you can succeed simply by taking there Live Trade Alerts, but why stop there? 4X lounge can give you tools and training to help you eventually discovery your own trades! Once you become an All Access Pro Member, you will have everything you need to succeed as a Forex Trader! 4X Lounge Pro Membership ‘is the most comprehensive forex tool set anywhere’.

    Premium Membership (4xLounge Pro) is a Forex Signals Services, which goes beyond simple buy/sell signals… What many have noted about the “learn curve” is true. Give yourself some time to learn and practice with the tools. With signing up for Pro Membership page you will have their Live Trade Alerts explained as they happen. Traders here can ask questions, get feedback and make an informed decision about each Live Trade Alert provided to them. Tools like Trade Alerts and Market Analysis benefit the new broker as well as veterans and money fund managers. Once you start trading with the help by the 4xLounge Pro you wouldn’t trade without them. Get a Free Test Drive. Here are my favorite tools; Trend Map, Market Barometers, X Meter and the X Scalper/Trend Bars combo. Their tools go beyond simple indicator output. Their Market Barometer Console is worth the membership fee all by itself. The barometers allow you to measure the entire (macro) market at a glance and then make sense of the various trends. Honestly, you have to try it. Then follow up with Trend Map to find a trade.

    4xLounge Pro Bonus Offers:

    About the 4Xlounge Round Table, it discusses a number of the most significant economic figures reported nearly every day as Round Table strive to better understand the fundamental factors, which help to create and sustain the long-term trends that emerge in the Forex market. Ideally to identify a currency pair comprised of two currencies moving in opposite directions to each other that go to create a consistent direction trend.

    What you see is what you will get – All of our results include a normal broker spread and all of our trading signals are sent during normal market conditions (i.e. no news trades or other high risk trades). Normal trades sent at normal times. Our Round Table trading signals are very easy to trade and follow.

    Auto trading solution – All of our Round Table trading signals can be followed via our 4Xlounge MT4 EA. Complete hands-free trading. This option requires an MT4 account. Most brokers offer MT4, but you might have to request the option.

    SMS and Email – If you prefer to manually trade our Round Table trading signals we can send them to you via SMS, email or both simultaneously for a seamless backup system. In addition, you can auto trade and manual trade at the same time!

    Low volatility – Our performance has been very consistent over a 4 year+ period. No surprises, just steady growth. Our Round Table trading signals are used by more hedge funds than any other forex signal service

    4Xlounge Free Forum is where all of  Free trading tools and programs are offered. There trade ideas and answer questions are posted. You can start a discussion with 8000+ Forum Members. Get It Here.

    4Xlounge Free Forum Membership includes many powerful tools and programs. Simply register in 4X lounge Free Forum and you will have unlimited access to all of the following:

    Free Daily Market Analysis (Our Forex Wake Up Call is free to all forum members and is updated everyday @ 8am EST)
    Free Forex Lessons (Our Forex JumpStart series is free to all forum members)
    Free X Trend and Market Barometer Trade Alerts (via our free web charts and alerts sent through our free trade messenger)
    Free Web Charts (Our Free Web Charts is home to our free X Trend and Market Barometer Systems)
    Free Trade Messenger (Our Free Trade Messenger sends instant trade alerts and news alerts from major news providers)
    Free Trading Support via our Forum (post questions and get answers)
    Free 4X Game (You can win $300 and a Free FXstreet.com Premium Membership!)
    There are new tools and programs are added all the time!