Trading Advantage Forex Educational Program Taught by Edward Moya

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    Trading Advantage Forex program is for everyone. Whether you have years of experience trading Forex, been financially overexposed in the forex market, have limited time to trade every day, or are a novice trader, you will learn the technical and fundamentals that drive the Forex market.

    Ed Moya is the chief currency strategist for Trading Advantage.  For more than six years, Moya has worked in New York at some of the largest, international forex brokerages.  He specializes in interpreting key drivers and trends in the forex market and in explaining market reactions to statistical releases and political events in the U.S. and abroad. 

    The Trading Advantage Forex Ed Moya’s team of professional Forex traders instructs you on a proven suite of Forex Trading system and tactics creating a firm foundation for your trading. Forex Trading Lessons are structured within an academic curriculum where concepts of trade theory are introduced and expanded upon assuring the trader has a strong grasp of content by example and demonstration. Trading Advantage Ed Moya Model understands that each trader is different and unique. He further customizes the educational experience based on individual trader psychology and matches this to sound money management rules. Remember Ed is a real Trader and has put his expertise into the Trade Advantage system.

    • The fallacy of Buy and Hold type of Investing and how FX can be one of the best tools to trade global macro-economic opportunities
    • How leverage in FX can teach you to build wealth
    • Ed's 10 Commandments of Risk Management
    • How to use Ed's proprietary risk calculator

    Previously, Moya was vice president of institutional sales and then market strategist at FX Solutions. He also wrote technical trading strategies for Alpari US LLC.  He also has written economic and currency analysis for Stocks Futures Options Magazine, Market News International, FX Solutions, and Forex Factory.    

    Trading Advantage Forex - Educational Videos

    Trading Advantage Forex Includes:

    • Three Manuals: London Calling, Advanced Technicals, and Fundamentals Explained. Day-trading and swing-trading are broken down insightfully and methodically, allowing you to sharpen your trading discipline. Enter the mind of an experienced FX trader and broker and benefit from both sides of his experience.
    • Live Signal Classrooms: (Monday – Friday, 5:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. CST) The Classroom is in session during the most active trading hours including the overlap of the European and US trading session. Learn straightforward trading strategies and understand how to apply them during different market conditions.
    • On-Demand Education: Our full curriculum of trading educational videos, easily accessed 24/7 in our FX Training Center, allows traders to review the core concepts and strategies applied in the trading room.
    • FX Trader Skill Call: A one-on-one strategy session with Ed Moya. He will provide you with in-depth, individual training on our educational materials to show you how to improve your trading performance.